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Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body. This bronzed mist sits on top of your skin and has active ingredient’s in it that interacts with your skin to tan it.

You can choose a tan that you can shower off the bronzer off at 2hrs, 4hrs or anytime after 8hrs.

All tans will take 24-48hrs to fully develop, it is normal to see most of your colour at 24hrs but you may deepen slightly up until 48hrs (‘rapid' and '2hr' does not mean your full colour will be developed after such a short period of time. ALL tans take 24-48 hours to develop).

Lush Tan Beauty is Brisbane's premium spray tanning boutique specialising in superior full body spray tans. Over 12 years we have continued our goal to provide a natural and healthy alternative to solariums and sun baking.

Please keep in my mind we use 12 years of experience to recommend a tan that we think is best but as all skins are different and people's expectations can differ we cannot 100% guarantee the perfect colour first time around. If you are getting a tan for a special occasion we strongly recommend booking in for a trial tan to make sure you have the opportunity to try several options if need be.

Your at home preparation is just as important as our application process. The better you prepare your skin the better the result! Some important steps to take before your appointment:


Thoroughly exfoliate before the night before and the morning of your spray tan. This is THE most important thing you must do. A thorough exfoliation will prolong the life of your tan and give you an even result.

Eyebrow tinting is to be done at least 24hrs PRIOR to your appointment.

Any hair removal is to be done 24 hours prior. Please do not shave JUST before your tan. Shaving can encourage your skin to produce natural oils which can effect the tan. Make sure you thoroughly exfoliate after your hair removal.

If washing your hair or shaving before your appointment make sure you exfoliate after these activities to ensure any conditioner and/or moisturiser is completely removed.

Use a body wash that is not highly perfumed and make sure all soap is removed from your skin.

After your last shower before your appointment do not apply any moisturiser or deodorant. Moisturiser can act as a barrier and deodorant can react with the spray tan and turn it green.

Have your last shower AT LEAST 3hrs before your tan. Showering too close to your tan can stop your tan from absorbing properly as there will still be moisture in the skin. The longer between your shower and appointment the better to allow your skin to dry out.

We supply hair nets, disposable under wear, baby wipes, sticky feet, face masks & hair ties all free of charge. Please ask your friendly technician if you require any of these products.

What you wear during your appointment is up to you. You can wear your own swimwear, underwear or we use our disposable g-strings. Just remember that what ever you have on, is what tan line you will have after. Men please wear togs, underwear or boxers. Breastfeeding mums might like to wear a small strapless bra or bring their own nipple covers.

Wear or bring dark, loose-fitting clothing to change into at the end of your tan. Tanning solutions wash out of most clothes very easily but may stain some materials.

If it is raining, make sure you are covered up - think over sized winter pyjamas. Avoid thongs in the rain as these can flick water up onto the backs of your legs.

It’s important to note that you will see little to no colour after your first shower. This is completely normal as all tans take 24-48 hours to fully develop.


Shower at your agreed time. If you are in an ‘8hr tan’, you can shower at any time after the agreed minimum time.

Do not stay in the shower for too long & do not wash your hair in this shower.

Using your hands a gentle and fragrance free body wash (Cetephil or QV is recommended) lightly massage in little circles until the water runs clear (do not use a washer or glove).

Make sure to go over your entire body, don't forget down the backs of your legs and your back.

When the water runs clear, leave the shower and pat dry with a towel (do not rub with the towel as this is another form of exfoliating).

If you see any run marks when you step out of the shower you have not rinsed properly, please return to the shower and rinse again.

DO NOT moisturise or put on deodorant at this stage as the tan is still developing in your skin.

After 12 hours have passed from your initial appointment time please moisturise and then continue to moisturise day and night for the life of your tan.

Enjoy your bronzed glow!!


Do not exercise for 24hrs after your tan.

Avoid anything which may exfoliate your skin such as long, hot baths, exposure to chlorinated water, exfoliating gloves/sponges.

A spray tan will last 5-10 days depending on your skin and your at home maintenance.

To keep your tan looking it’s best you MUST moisturise twice a day. Letting your skin dry out will encourage the tan to ‘crack’ and come away faster.

To extend the life of your tan you will use a tan extender. This is a hydrating moisturiser with a small amount of professional tan in it. It works to replenish your spray tan as your skin begins it’s natural exfoliation cycle.

At the end of the life of your spray tan it’s time to thoroughly remove any left over tan from the skin. The ‘Tan-Off Mitt’ will be your best friend. It does such a great job at exfoliating that we also recommend you use this glove PRIOR to your spray tan.


  • Moisturise dry area’s like elbows, knees and ankles
  • Apply the gradual tan with a tanning glove


To extend your spray tan:

If you love your colour use a tan extender to extend the life of your tan for up to two weeks. The extender will stop your tan from drying out/cracking and keep you looking bronzed. Start using of the 3rd night after your tan and then use every second night until you begin to notice the tan fading. Then use every night until it’s time to scrub your tan off.

After swimming or exercising:

If you will be swimming or exercising with a developed spray tan, this will shorten the life of your tan so use an extender to top your tan up. Use it the evening you begin to swim/exercise.

Boosting your tan:

You can also use a tan extender to boost your tan if you want it extra dark. To boost your tan, use after 48hours of your spray tan and stop use when you get to your desired colour.

Gradual Tan:

You can even use your tan extender without a spray tan. Use daily to build a natural glow.