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The expense associated with cosmetic treatments with Nurse Desi can differ from person to person. Various factors must be taken into account, such as the specific treatment area, muscle strength, and the intended outcome. Book in a complimentary, obligation free consultation with Nurse Desi to discuss your aesthetic goals and receive a quote for the services available to you.



Contraindications for cosmedic treatments requiring prescribed medication:

Contraindications refer to situations or conditions where the use of such treatments is not advisable or should be approached with caution. It's crucial for individuals to be aware of these contraindications before considering the procedure. Here are some common contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:
    The treatment is often not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding due to the potential risks to the unborn child or nursing infant.
  • Neuromuscular Disorders:
    Individuals with certain neuromuscular disorders may be advised against the injections, as the treatment involves altering nerve impulses and muscle function.
  • Allergies:
    Known allergies to ingredients in the product, such as botulinum toxin, are a contraindication. A thorough allergy history should be discussed with the healthcare provider.
  • Infection at the Injection Site:
    If there is an existing infection at the intended injection site, the treatment may be contraindicated until the infection is resolved.
  • Certain Medications:
    Some medications may interact with the injections or increase the risk of side effects. Individuals should disclose their full medication history to the healthcare provider.
  • Autoimmune Disorders:
    People with certain autoimmune disorders may be advised against the treatment, as the treatment involves modifying the body's immune response.
  • Bleeding Disorders:
    Individuals with bleeding disorders or those taking blood-thinning medications may be at an increased risk of bruising at the injection site.
  • Recent Facial Surgery or Procedures:
    Muscle relaxant treatments may be contraindicated for individuals who have undergone recent facial surgeries or certain cosmetic procedures.
  • Age and Skin Elasticity:
    Extreme age or diminished skin elasticity in certain individuals may affect the suitability and effectiveness of muscle relaxant treatments.

What to expect after:

While undergoing cosmetic treatments, it's important to note that noticeable results may take between 2 to 7 days to manifest, with the full impact becoming apparent after two weeks. This is a crucial consideration when scheduling your treatment in preparation for a special event.

The potential for temporary and minor side effects exists, influenced by factors such as skin sensitivity and any concurrent use of medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinners. These side effects may include:

  • Slight swelling in or around the injection site
  • Mild tenderness or bruising at or near the injection site
  • Tiny red dots appearing at the injection site
  • A mild headache, depending on the treated area



  • Maintain an upright position for four hours post-treatment, refraining from lying down to allow the protein to settle effectively.
  • Postpone facials and invasive dermal procedures such as microdermabrasion, skin needling, or dermal rolling for a two-week period.
  • Engage in regular facial expressions like frowning, laughing, and smiling to facilitate the swift absorption of the protein into the targeted muscles.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol and painkillers before and after treatment, as they have a tendency to thin the blood, increasing the risk of bruising.


  • Refrain from exercising within 12 hours of your treatment, and steer clear of activities involving inverted poses (e.g., yoga, pilates, barre) while the product is settling.
  • Avoid exposing your skin to extreme temperatures, including saunas, spas, steam rooms, hot yoga, ice baths, or skiing, as temperature fluctuations may prompt inadvertent touching or rubbing of the face, risking dispersion of the protein into unintended areas.
  • Refrain from massaging or applying pressure to the face, as this can impact the settling process in specific areas. During skin cleansing, applying skincare, and makeup, use gentle strokes.