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Cosmetic Brow Tattoo
Cosmetic Brow Tattoo is a semi-permanent procedure, implanting pigment into the upper epidermal layers of the skin to create a full, defined, beautifully shaped brow. You have the choice of Microblading/Feather Touch, Ombre or Combination techniques to tailor a brow that works best for you.

Microblading or Feather touch is a technique used to create ultra fine hair-like strokes, that mimic your natural hair growth & pattern resulting in full natural brows.

Ombre or Shading
Ombre or shading is the latest trend in the cosmetic brow tattoo game! This airbrushing technique mimics the effect of a powdered or pencilled brow. The term ‘ombre’ refers to the brows  being full and defined through the tails while fading out to a lighter soft finish through the front of the brows. This is perfect for those who love the result of Henna tint, wear makeup daily or those with oiler skin types.

Want the fullness of the ombre but still want a natural looking brow? The Combination technique is for you! Our most popular option uses both Microblading & Shading to give you full definition through the end of your brows with natural hair strokes through the front.

Your choice of Microblading, Ombre or Combination

Initial Cosmetic Brow Tattoo - $750
(price includes 4-6 week follow up)

Cosmetic Brow Tattoo Consult - $65
includes intricate mapping with sculpt and tint - 40mins

Refresh  6 - 12 months - $200

Refresh 12 - 18 months - $250

Refresh 18 - 24 months - $300

Refresh 24+ months - $400

Cosmetic tattooing is not suitable for the following:

• Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
• Chemotherapy patients
• Keratosis
• Diabetics
• Extremely Sensitive Skin
• Excessive Sebum (very oily skin)
• Sunburnt Skin
• Eczema, seborrhoea dermatitis, psoriasis
• Rosacea
• Taking Roaccutane or acne treatment under health practitioner
• Botox in the past 4 weeks
• Skin that has recently had any sort of laser / cosmetic treatments
• Those with allergies to alcohol or anaesthetic cream
• Sick or unwell (flu, colds etc )


How long does it last?
Cosmetic Brow Tattooing is a semi permanent procedure, that lasts anywhere from 1-2 years. This depends on many different factors including hair colour, skin type, medications, skincare, sun exposure and lifestyle. Annual touch ups are required to maintain the fresh crisp colour of your brows.

It is also very important to follow your post care instructions diligently, as this will help with the retention of your colour giving you the best results possible.

How do I look after my brows?
We believe in a “dry heal” method, which requires you to keep your brows dry from water, sweat & moisturisers for the first 7 days post procedure. You will be given a dry heal serum to apply morning & night. This will help relieve itching, redness, sensitivity and promote healing. Your new cosmetic tattoo will take around 7-10 days to heal during this period it is important not to scratch or pick at your brows as this will effect your pigment retention & overall results. It will also run the risk of infections and a longer healing period. You will be given an aftercare form to refer to for all your aftercare instructions.

Does it hurt?
We want your experience to be as comfortable as possible, for this reason we apply a topical anaesthetic cream prior to the procedure & throughout. Due to QLD legislation, clients are required to supply their own labelled compounded numbing cream supplied by a pharmacist (we will guide you through this). We have partnered with a pharmacist & find great results from the anaesthetic cream they supply. Some sensitivity is to be expected, everyones pain threshold differs so it is hard for us to give a definitive answer but please do remember that this is a tattoo!

What should I expect days post treatment?
Day 1-4:
Your brows may be sensitive, slightly swollen & very dramatic, don't worry this will fade!

Day 5-10:
This is the scary time in the healing process! Your brows will start scabbing, they will then begin to peel & lift away, it is very important not to pick or scratch the scabs as this will effect your end retention.

Day 10-15:
Majority of the scabs have now lifted away and the brows will appear lighter or even grey. You will notice missing colour in spots.

Day 15-28:
Healing is almost complete! The colour and definition of the hair strokes will start becoming more visible, the colour will even out and look more natural. Any areas where the pigment has not held will be redone at your 4-6 week follow up appointment.

Do you touch-up pre existing tattoos?
Sorry no. Our ‘Touch up’ prices apply to our existing cosmetic tattoo clients only. If you have had your brows done by another artist, we will not go over them till they have completely faded, full prices apply.

How do I book in?
Please send all enquiries to 0499008678 or, please allow up to 48 business hours for a response. If you have any further questions before booking in, you can book a ‘Brow Tattoo Consult’. During this appointment we will go through all of your concerns & questions. We will map your brows and together we will decide on the best shape for you, finishing with a Brow Sculpt & Tint.